Extraction is what we do. We use best-in-class Eden Labs’ extraction system to maintain high efficiency while consistently achieving the maximum yields for our clients. Our customized methods and technologies help licensed cannabis producers get the most from their plants. If you are a licensed producer, we can process your biomass into crude oil for you to refine, or fully winterize into an exceptional sale-ready extract.

Post Processing

We believe the refinement process should elevate, not lessen, the final product. Through our series of processes that include winterization, decarboxylation, solvent recovery and finishing, we purify crude extract and remove the fats, lipids, and waxes for you. With a focus on quality and flavor, our proprietary techniques guarantee the full spectrum of desired compounds is preserved within our the finished goods. 

CBD Oil Distillation

CO2 Dynamics distills CBD oil from hemp plants to provide lighter color with higher potencies. These oils are widely used in topicals and elixirs.

Contract Manufacturing

From prototype to production, you can count on CO2 Dynamics to provide the highest quality oil. MOQs range from 4,000 grams input material to 50kg finished output per month.


Our processor license allows us to facilitate the transfer of finished cannabis goods directly to retailer locations and distribution companies.

Material Sourcing

With connections to local networks of licensed large-scale producers and small-batch farmers, we are fully equipped to source your biomass and starting material needs. 

Toll Processing

Bring us biomass and we will deliver back anything from crude to winterized oil.